Terms of Service

This document serve as terms and conditions outlined in accordance to our services we provide.

Shardia Solutions referred as “we/firm/provider”

An active subscribed client referred as “you/client/customer/subscriber/company”


We majorly provide monthly subscription services for website, marketing, managing online space for business around the world. We serve as a one-stop-shop to many businesses who are in search of marketing, social media, web and app developments and are not limited to.

We also provide custom solutions such as Ai integrations, Ai automations for businesses and online businesses and are not limited to.

Terms of Service for Ai Cloud Website Design

• Service outline:
Ai Cloud Website Design marketed ‘website as service’ solution. Meaning, the ownership will remain in the possession of the firm.
Cloud/VPS hosting is a part of our service and is not available for our customers to access.
Our service will be co-created by a professional and artificial intelligence to maximize the productivity and efficiency throughout the process.
Website can be developed within 1 – 2 business days. However, client is responsible to provide relevant information for their business/initiative in timely manner. Depending when the information provided by the client, it will drastically change the timeframe of the completed project.
Our professionals will gladly guide and help customers to overcome hindrances and obstacles when producing relevant information for the business with the help of artificial intelligence.
Clients who are searching custom solutions please reach out to us via support page.

• Payment, Refunds and Cancelation:
This service can either be held for month to month or can be paid annually for a discount.
By-default, we offer our customers a 7 days money back guarantee. In case, you have changed your mind with-in 7 days, we will gladly refund you your money in full to the original method of payment.
Once the service is rendered and the website is live within the period of 7 days of money back guarantee; there will not be any refund given.
A client can cancel their services any time they want (after 7 days of money back guarantee period). However, the client will be billed until the billing period ends. This policy is in effect for monthly, annually and minimum commitment period packages.

Terms of Service for Google Ads Marketing

• Service Outline
Our Google Ads packages are marketed to increase sales, drive traffic, generate leads, maximizing business presence all throughout internet and locally.
Customers are encouraged to present their primary goals and objectives before the campaign starts.
This particular services is only managed by professionals and no artificial intelligence has been used at any point in time whatsoever.
All packages have an annual commitment or they have been broken down in terms of 4 months (Passive), 6 months (Progressive) and 8 months (Aggressive) minimum commitment duration.
All packages have a fixed account management fee each month can be paid annually or per month and is charged in advance.
All packages have a variable fee associated with campaign management throughout the month and is billed separately each month after accumulated ad spent.
Ad spent is the total cost of advertisement incurred during a month or over a period of time and is payable to firm based on the package as 15% for Passive, 20% for Progressive and 25% for Aggressive.

• Payment, Refunds and Cancelation:
This service doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.
If client decide to cancel due to any reason;
– if prepaid for term commitment or annual packages: a prorated monthly charge (equivalent to a month or 28/29/30/31 days) will take place from the prepayment amount and ad spent, if incurred, will be deducted from the prepayment amount and rest will be given back to original method of payment.
– if paid monthly for term commitment or annual packages: the monthly account management fee, plus ad spent, if incurred, will be billed to your credit card or original method of payment.
Annual payment usually comes with a certain discount and is always paid in advance. In case of cancelation of services during the term, the discount will be waived off and the prorated amount will be charged as monthly amount with the percentage of ad spent incurred.
We provide 7 days of grace period to pay off any remaining balance on the account during an active term. Failure to do so, will result in automatic suspension of ads until the payment is received.


Payment methods

We accept all major credit cards.
We accept all major debit cards.
We accept bullion, payments in Gold and Silver. – new payment method
Were working on digital currency payment option.

We use Stripe to collect payments for credit and debit cards.
For customer’s convenience we have also provided, Affirm Pay, After Pay, and similar buy now pay later option on the website.


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