We Buy Digital Media Agencies!
Direct Sale…

No Third Party,
No Brokers, No BS



Shardia Solutions Inc. is a Digital Marketing and Media Production Agency and we buy other digital media agencies to increase our portfolio and keep the same business culture all across partners and subsidiaries under the banner of company.

We take on present clients and provide good benefits to the employees and contractors.

One Strategy Fits Both

Win-Win Maximized

Our major goal is to make a sale go through, therefore we place non-lender financial strategies where no credit hassle is involved and fund the potential deal with those funds.

How Does It Work?

We make it work in our 3 steps format;
• strategize
• approach
• closing


Our management reviews the potential deal thoroughly and provide a strategy that will work for seller and buyer. Our in-house underwriters and appraisers make this thing work in a matter of days.


Most crucial of three, is making the right approach at the right time, especially when bringing alternative financial strategies that will help us fund the deal on the closing date with the vendor’s coordination.


The day which most business owners are desperate to see but never see. Worry not, once we have everything in place, ‘in a normal deal’ the closing is guaranteed, with exceptions.

Lots of big savings

Save Fortune on
Non-Brokered Deals

Be entitled and enjoy by having 100% amount on closing day with NO extra commissions or larger than deal fees.

Cut the B.S. by having a straight 1-on-1 deal!

Types of Digital Agencies we’re interested and deals in!

marketing agencies

• Google Ads
• SMM Agency
• Lead Generation
• Email Marketing
• Software Marketing
• Campaign Management

Tech Business

• SaaS
• Ai Tech
• Ai Robotics
• Automations

Web Management Agencies

• Bloggers
• E-commerce Web Management

Design and Development

• E-commerce Development Agency
• Website Development
• App Development
• UX/UI Design Agency


If you believe that your agency might be one of them but not listed, you can still contact us for a review.


Mergers and Acquisitions Case Studies | Coming Soon

What we have experienced is what we are sharing!

Eligibility Criteria and FAQ

How does it work?

We arrange a deal in a way where there is NO involvement of bank or lenders, therefore it is necessary for the seller to be prepared to get involved with creative financing techniques which gives an upper hand in order to close the deal. 

What is Creative Financing?

Creative Financing is a term that we use in our company’s culture; what we meant by that is, financing from lenders requires credit checks and tons of formalities and at the same time the borrower is treated like nothing, but by placing alternative financing strategies in place it opens up a new space to explore and fund the deal creatively. 

I’m struggling selling my business, how do you guys GUARATEED closing!

Let’s just say, we try not to waste time for either party in fact in our evaluation process we see through the deal by aligning numbers and ratios and also consenting the potential business owner on how far would he or she like to roll the ball for the deal; of course the owner’s consent and utmost cooperation is needed in order to make things work. 

Therefore, if the deal shows green flags on each step then we guarantee closing in no time. 

Are there any hidden fees prior to closing?

NO, we don’t charge any fees, we buy businesses directly from the owner who is wishing to sell and exit the business.

Still having questions, get in touch!